Blocky Farm

125 players

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What is Blocky Farm?

Blocky Farm stands as an immersive farm management simulation that allows players to build and manage their farm. With captivating block graphics, this free online game offers a dynamic and engaging experience, encouraging players to create and expand their agricultural empire.

Rules of Game

  • Farm Building: Begin your agricultural journey by constructing and developing your farm, cultivating the land, and expanding your operations.

  • Crop and Animal Care: Tend to various crops and animals, nurturing them to grow and thrive, ensuring a prosperous farm.

  • Vehicle Exploration: Explore a variety of vehicles to assist in farm tasks, from plowing fields to transporting goods and caring for animals.


1. Charming Block Graphics:

  • Immerse yourself in a visually appealing block-style world that adds a unique and delightful aesthetic to the farming experience.

2. Farm Management Simulation:

  • Engage in an addictive simulation game, managing every aspect of the farm, from crop cultivation to animal care and beyond.

3. Diverse Farm Activities:

  • Experience a wide range of activities, including crop planting, animal husbandry, vehicle operations, and farm expansion.

4. Creative Customization:

  • Unleash your creativity by dressing and customizing your animals, adding a personalized touch to your farm companions.
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