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What is Mod Among Us for Minecraft?

Mod Among Us for Minecraft is a mod designed for Minecraft PE that brings characters from the popular game "Among Us" into the Minecraft realm. Players can encounter Crew members and Imposters within the Minecraft world, mirroring the mechanics and suspense of the original game. Just like in "Among Us," identifying Imposters isn't revealed until they strike, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to the gameplay.

Mod Among Us for Minecraft injects the suspense and mystery of "Among Us" into the Minecraft PE universe. By integrating Crew members, Imposters, unique skins, and maps, this mod offers players a thrilling and engaging experience. Embrace the intrigue, stay alert, and explore the unique dynamics introduced by this exciting crossover mod, elevating the Minecraft PE gameplay to a whole new level of excitement and challenge!


Rules and Features

  • Crew Members and Imposters: Similar to the original "Among Us" game, players will encounter both Crew members and Imposters within Minecraft PE. Imposters are hostile towards Crew members and players, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and mystery.

  • Identification and Gameplay: The true identity of the Imposter remains hidden until they make their move, mimicking the thrilling uncertainty of the original game. Crew members can be tamed using bones, adding a unique dynamic to the interaction between characters.

  • Fallen Crew Members: When a Crew member is eliminated, they become a visible body on the floor within the game, waiting to be discovered by other players.

  • Unique Skins and Maps: The mod not only introduces characters but also includes unique skins and maps, enhancing the overall experience of the Minecraft PE game.

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