Noob Among us Craft

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What is Noob Among us Craft?

Noob Among Us Craft presents a delightful merger of the critically acclaimed Among Us and the beloved Minecraft universe. Players immerse themselves in an intense multiplayer environment, tasked with uncovering impostors hidden within the confines of a ship, all while navigating through Minecraft-inspired settings.

Experience the thrilling fusion of two gaming sensations - Among Us and Minecraft - in Noob Among Us Craft. This multiplayer game transports players into an immersive universe where the suspense of Among Us meets the blocky world of Minecraft.


The game operates on a set of engaging rules that heighten the suspense and strategic gameplay:

  • Role Dynamics: Players assume the role of either crew members or impostors. Crew members aim to complete tasks while identifying and eliminating impostors, who strive to sabotage and eliminate the crew without detection.

  • Strategic Navigation: Traverse through ship corridors cautiously, using hatches to swiftly navigate between rooms. Avoid isolation with companions and stay vigilant to survive the impostor's devious plans.

  • Survival Imperative: The objective is to survive and outmaneuver impostors or, if playing as one, eliminate crew members undetected while disrupting their tasks.

  • Last Survivor: The game culminates in a quest to become the last survivor standing by employing wit, strategy, and teamwork.

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