PixWars 2

74 players

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What is PixWars 2?

PixWars 2 presents a multiplayer shooter experience centered around survival against an onslaught of zombies. Players are dropped into an urban environment where they must battle for survival, earning in-game currency through combat to acquire better gear, resources, and defensive structures while navigating through a zombie-infested cityscape.

Rules of Game

  • Fight for Survival: Engage in relentless combat against hordes of zombies, utilizing acquired cash to upgrade weapons and gear to ensure survival.

  • Resource Collection: Gather resources like wood to construct defensive structures, enhancing survival capabilities in the face of zombie attacks.

  • Purchase Superior Gear: Use earned cash to purchase better weapons, skins, and deployable turrets, augmenting your combat prowess against the undead.


1. Intense Multiplayer Shooter:

  • Immerse yourself in multiplayer action, battling zombies in a fast-paced and challenging survival setting.

2. Resource Management:

  • Utilize collected resources like wood to erect defensive structures, fortifying positions against relentless zombie assaults.

3. Upgradable Arsenal:

  • Earn cash through combat and spend it on better weapons, skins, and deployable turrets to gain an edge against the undead.

4. Vehicle Exploration:

  • Explore the cityscape with multiple available vehicles, adding a dynamic element to strategic movement and survival.
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