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What is Cladder?

Cladder presents a brisk yet engaging challenge, offering players a daily dose of word puzzle excitement. With a strict one-minute time limit, participants aim to decode ten words based on provided clues, testing their wit and wordplay within a tight timeframe. The game operates on the premise of altering one letter from a given three or four-letter starter word to derive the answer for each clue.

Game Rules

Within the 60-second window, players unravel the ten clues, navigating through a sequence of word transformations, where each subsequent word is derived by modifying a single letter from the preceding one. To aid progress, a single skip option is available, enabling players to bypass a particularly perplexing clue at the cost of deducting five seconds from their total time limit.

Similar to Wordle's daily format, Cladder introduces a fresh puzzle every day, ensuring a daily brain-teasing challenge for enthusiasts. However, for those hungry for more word puzzle action, Cladder offers an extensive archive of past puzzles. This treasure trove allows players to revisit and tackle previous challenges, providing an opportunity to hone their word-solving skills and delve into a repertoire of intriguing word puzzles beyond the current day's game. Accessible via a dedicated archive section, players can immerse themselves in a backlog of past Cladder puzzles, extending the puzzle-solving experience beyond the confines of a single daily challenge.


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