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What is LoLdle?

LoLdle is an exciting and interactive game that tests your familiarity with League of Legends champions. Presented with images of champion talents, players must identify which champion the talent belongs to. With each guess, players navigate through the hints and visual cues to pinpoint the correct champion.

How to Play

Playing LoLdle is a thrilling challenge that demands your League of Legends knowledge. Players view an image representing a champion's talent and must correctly guess the champion's name. Each incorrect guess brings clues closer, helping players narrow down their options.

  • Four Guesses and a Hint: Players have four attempts to correctly identify the champion. Upon four unsuccessful tries, a hint is provided, guiding players towards the champion's name.

  • Color-Coded Tiles: The tiles change color to reflect the accuracy of the guess:

    • Green: Indicates a perfect match between the guessed champion and the talent displayed.
    • Orange: Denotes a partial match, signifying some correct elements in the guess.
    • Red Highlighting: Shows a complete mismatch between the guess and the talent, indicating the absence of overlap.
  • Arrows for Guidance: Arrows are used to indicate whether the attribute of the answer is above or below the player's prediction, offering directional assistance for a better guess.


<p>Using mouse</p>

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