Word Hurdle

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What is Word Hurdle?

Word Hurdle is a delightfully simple yet engaging word game designed for players of all ages. Its straightforward rules make it accessible without the need for prior practice, allowing players to jump right in. Featuring a grid-like interface comprised of 6x6 squares, mirroring the length of the word to be deciphered, the game presents a unique challenge.

Game Rules

What makes Word Hurdle intriguing is its allowance for unlimited attempts at guessing the word, even accommodating incorrect guesses that can be revised until the correct one is unveiled. As players make their attempts, the game provides visual cues as feedback: a correctly guessed letter in the right position is highlighted in blue, a correct letter in the wrong place is marked yellow, and completely incorrect guesses appear in gray.

With its simplicity and intuitive gameplay, Word Hurdle offers an accessible yet absorbing word puzzle experience. The combination of the game's structure and the challenge of deciphering words makes it an enjoyable option for players seeking a captivating word-based puzzle game.

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