Bubble Shooter Pro 2

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What is Bubble Shooter Pro 2?

Bubble Shooter Pro 2 is an addictive and engaging casual game that tasks players with clearing a board filled with colorful bubbles. The objective is simple: remove all bubbles by strategically shooting and matching three or more bubbles of the same color. The game offers a refreshed design, more bubbles, and exciting boosters to amplify the gameplay experience.


Players aim and shoot bubbles from the bottom of the screen to create clusters of three or more bubbles of the same color. Matching bubbles results in their elimination, clearing the board and scoring points. Quick and efficient shots that eliminate multiple bubbles in one go result in higher scores. The challenge intensifies as more bubbles continue to descend, demanding swift decision-making and precise shooting.


  • Enhanced Gameplay: Bubble Shooter Pro 2 amplifies the original's gameplay with more bubbles, new boosters, and a revamped design, offering players a fresh and engaging experience.

  • Strategic Shooting: The game requires strategic thinking and precision shooting to create bubble clusters and clear the board efficiently, earning higher scores.

  • Endless Fun: With an array of levels and an endless mode, the game promises hours of entertainment, perfect for casual play or challenging oneself to achieve higher scores.

  • Quick Paced Challenges: As more bubbles continuously appear on the board, players must act swiftly to clear them before the screen fills up, adding a sense of urgency and excitement.


<p>Using Mouse</p>

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