Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

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What is Cups - Water Sort Puzzle?

Cups - Water Sort Puzzle is a casual sorting game that offers a unique twist on the classic ball-sorting concept. In this game, players are tasked with sorting various colors of liquids into bottles and containers across a staggering array of nearly 400 levels. Unlike traditional ball-sorting games, the challenge here lies in organizing liquids instead of spheres, adding a refreshing element to the gameplay.

Rules of Game

  • Colorful Sorting Challenge: Players must sort different colors of liquids into containers without mixing them. The objective is to match the liquid's color to an empty container or pour it into a container with the same color floating at the top.

  • Level Progression: Success in sorting liquids unlocks new levels, each presenting an increasingly challenging array of containers and liquids to manage. The game keeps players engaged by ramping up the complexity gradually.

  • Fizz and Fun: Upon successfully filling a container, the game celebrates with bursts of confetti, automatically sealing the container with a cork, and transforming the water into a fizzy beverage, adding a delightful touch to the gameplay experience.

  • Strategic Undo Moves: Cups - Water Sort Puzzle provides players with a handful of undo moves, offering a strategic edge to rectify any missteps and facilitate smoother progress through the levels.


<p>Controls Use the left mouse button to choose the bottle.</p>

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