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What is Type Or Die?

Type Or Die is a high-speed HTML5 racing game that hinges solely on the player's typing speed and accuracy. The game pits players against a relentless ticking clock, where typing proficiency determines survival and advancement through levels.


Players must type as swiftly and accurately as possible within a 10-second timeframe for each word presented. The game demands words to be typed in capital letters without any errors. Successive and flawless typing propels players to higher levels, ultimately aiming to reach the uncharted territory of Level 5.


  • Speed-Oriented Challenge: Type Or Die thrives on speed and accuracy, challenging players to type rapidly and precisely to progress.

  • Competitive Environment: Players race against time and other typists simultaneously, fostering a competitive spirit and encouraging improvement in typing skills.

  • Progressive Difficulty: With each level, the game intensifies, demanding quicker and error-free typing, providing an increasingly challenging experience.

  • Social Challenges: Players can challenge friends on Facebook, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and sharing scores to compare achievements.


<p>Using Mouse</p>

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